[LAZE People] #1 A symphony of modern and vintage

[LAZE People] #1 A symphony of modern and vintage

Vivienne Shen


 Staying in a shophouse is definitely not something most Singaporeans do and some might even know of the possibility of living in one. Nonetheless, that is the everyday life of Vivienne who lives in a self-designed shophouse brimming with heritage. Incorporating modern elements into the vintage shophouse, we take a look behind this unique home.


Which part of your shophouse is your favourite and why?

My favourite spot is the breakfast nook. It’s at the corner next to the open kitchen and the dining area, and it has the best view of the house looking into the courtyard garden. I enjoy sitting there for a cup of tea and reading a book. I sometimes work on the breakfast nook table too if i want to feel inspired.

What is the biggest difference between living in a shophouse and your previous condo?

It’s much more spacious to start with, and our dog loves running around in the open space. The shophouse also provides a quite different lifestyle compared to a condo we lived in before. We have a garden in front, in the middle and at the back of the house where we plant our own herbs and vegetable. We bike to the neighbourhood eateries and shops all the time. It’s more like a village life instead of a city life.


Do you have any future plans to advance in the interior design field?

Sometimes it’s good not to turn a hobby into a job in order to keep it fun. ;) I love dealing with all beautiful things and will always do. I would be more keen to be a curator instead of an interior designer so that i have the freedom of always choosing things/styles i like.


What feature do you like most about the LAZE ZEN blanket and which colour do you like the most?

I love that it’s made of gauze and it’s super soft. It’s a perfect company for an air-coned room in Singapore. My favourite colour is Sandstone.

Where is your ideal place to style the LAZE ZEN blanket?

On a sofa. It’s very stylish as a throw blanket given its texture and earthy colour.


What is 1 tip that you would give for people that are planning to design their house themselves?

Don’t be scared! I was super scared at the initial stage of designing and renovating the house all by myself, given a lack of experience and expertise. The truth is, everything will come along during the process, as long as you have a clear vision, and you are working with a reliable contractor team who are able to deliver your vision.


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