Kona Cabinet

RM3,376.00 MYR

The Hover Bed

from RM6,401.00 MYR

Hori Cabinet

RM3,390.00 MYR

Dojus Dining Table

from RM3,474.00 MYR

Zen Cabinet

from RM6,492.00 MYR

Libra Side Table

RM5,523.00 MYR

Hover Table

RM6,104.00 MYR

Lunar Round Travertine Table

from RM17,017.00 MYR

Lunar Side Table

RM6,639.00 MYR

Bandage Chair

RM6,471.00 MYR

LAZE02 Chair (set of 4 or 6)

from RM4,387.00 MYR

Balance Console Table

RM21,788.00 MYR

LAZE01 Chair (set of 4 or 6)

from RM4,390.00 MYR